Need a Maintenance Plan?

Plumbing Maintenance Service

Maintenance and servicing are important factors to consider to make sure your home is safe and protected. We provide affordable maintenance plans to make sure everything is working smoothly

Even a little leak adds up over time, wasting water, causing damage and costing you heaps money. By implementing a preventative maintenance schedule, we can reduce the cost of any future repairs and the need for replacement.

Detecting Leaks

Detecting leaks can be challenging, and the most common cause of leaks is faulty piping and fittings. Installing a new system could cost thousands of dollars, but if you catch a leak early enough, you may be able to prevent structural damage.​

Avoiding Rust

Regular maintenance means smaller bills because you can catch water, rusty gas pipes or drips when they start you save yourself money by keeping your plumbing water tight.​

Retaining your resale value

Water damage affects your properties resale value and hits you in the pocket. So be smart book an appointment and save yourself from paying unnecessary costs in the future.

Maintenance Plans Canterbury-wide

When you need long-term maintenance or service for your plumbing system, our experts will be happy to help. Our plumbing maintenance service is available throughout Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region.​

We respond Immediately

We will be there to assist in the case of any unexpected event and, as our name implies, we will respond to your need immediately. Whether your toilet is overflowing or your pipes have burst you can rely on Instant plumbing to deliver. Call us to discuss our maintenance plans further


We also off Gas fitting maintenance plans. Gas systems should be regularly checked every 12 months for leaks and pressure variation. Our certifying gas fitters will assess your existing system and recommend if any parts needs to be repaired or replaced. Then, if necessary, we will complete any work you required to ensure your safety and security.

We install Rheem gas hot water systems, gas fires and stoves and provide annual maintenance checks. Installing a gas hot water system is one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home.



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